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Experian plc is an Irish-domiciled multinational consumer credit reporting company. Experian collects and aggregates information on over one billion people and businesses including 235 million individual U.S. consumers and more than 25 million U.S. businesses. Based in Dublin, Ireland, the company operates in 37 countries with offices in Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States. The company employs approximately 17,000 people and reported revenue for 2018 of US$4.6 billion. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index. Experian is a partner in the U.K. government's Verify ID system and USPS Address Validation. It is one of the "Big Three" credit-reporting agencies, alongside TransUnion and Equifax. In addition to its credit services, Experian also sells decision analytic and marketing assistance to businesses, including individual fingerprinting and targeting. Its consumer services include online access to credit history and products meant to protect from fraud and identity theft. Like all credit reporting agencies, the company is required by U.S. law to provide consumers with one free credit report every year.

A former Customer Service Representative talks about Bad management at Experian in a review published by INDEED, he/she added: "As the saying goes “too many chiefs “ no clear direction. They fired all of their wonderful managers a couple years ago. They change employees like they change their socks. It is sad because this is where all of our credit information lyes. The fraud team is actually pretty good."


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Manuel Aranda says

"True star rating -1 deficit score The whole Credit Bureau system is itself a low scorer based on their own standards! Who rates the 3 bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion? Who grades these entities and ensures they themselves are operating at the same expectation levels they require us to meet throughout our lives? Who again by their own standards, would fail miserably! Special emphasis on Equifax, and their customer service alone, 80% of time is sub-par at best and their services, of which none of us request, where they attempt to score us on an unofficial, calculation of pluses and minuses that only they understand, If at all. Have you ever wondered why those great strides of multiple on time payments you make or that loan you paid off positives, very slowly effect your score upwards but forget by mistake one payment on an account on an otherwise 99% paid on time record, that same score immediately descends some 65 points!! That is not by accident. Nevertheless this service is forced upon all of us where we are graded upon this unverified, underperforming, excessively confusing and profit based service throughout our lives. Depending on that score, we are effected greatly in one way or another. This score, where all three bureaus collectively, make up a Fico score is severely flawed. Whereby their biased and negative driven business practice makes it a positive for their bottom line when they can inflict that negative reading based on there contradicting standards of score calculations made upon us every 30 days. This will eventually effect each and everyone of us at some point during our lifelong credit journey. They start to profit when you incur a negative to that ever important credit score. How? At times when at some point or another, we will suffer the consequences of a less then good credit score, whereby we may seek out one of many options that benefit the profit producing score keepers. Perhaps one of their credit consolidation or credit building profit inspired programs. This should be outlawed! If this must be a service put upon everyone of us regardless of whether we ask for it or not, it should at least be headed by non profit organizations. Who poses only a neutral interest in our position, in our lifelong credit journey. Otherwise, at its core, it is an unethical business working against all of us and at an egregious conflict of interest. This does not serve our best interest. A service, in which plays such a major part in the quality of our lives we live, through out our whole lifetime, that also profits on the demise of ones misfortunes and preys on their inability to keep and maintain a high credit score. It’s a service mandate that again, works against us in the worst way and at all costs, literally. This definitely needs reform as they are absolutely, in no position, to grade us given there own outrageous lack of plausible service standards within their own establishments. Adjusted for inflation of the 3 credit bureaus services in an unspoken mandate. Is it only guarantee’s in life: credit worthiness, death and taxes? Not hardly. At least, it shouldn’t be."

Chris Hearn says

"Absolutely rubbish. No way to talk to anyone. Phone menu runs you round in circles the disconnect you. Total waste of time"

A says

"A company sent me an email few weeks ago regarding an illegal unauthorised access to their network so they gave their customers an activation code for complimentary identity plus subscription. I've tried to register for experian complimentary identity plus subscription but unable to do. At the end of registration process there's an error message. I've spoken to experian few times in the last few days but they couldn't resolve this issue. I've realised that there are untrained people working at experian and they totally ignore you if they are unable to fix any issue. Not sure what to do now."

Michael Flanagan says

"This company makes it very hard to complain about wrong information on their site. Once this is all over Virus .the Ombudsman should close this company for criminal behaviour and prosecute all their Senior management"

Roller says

"My utmost gratitude goes out to Tom. Some months back, I have really been searching FOR a good credit expert to help me fix my bad report. He did not just increase my credit score to a high 700s from a low 450s, but also removed some negative items which included a late payment. He is really God’s sent to me. Here is his contact: (tombanecredithelp at Gmail.COM / +720-590-7966"

Mr G Boardman says

"So proud of the diabolical customer service they give their customers! I don't get it - they don't publish their phone number, when you find it their automated 'service' doesn't work, their 'save your credit report' doesn't work. They then lie to their customers blaming GDPR for refusing to help and email the credit reports out. Staggeringly unhelpful."

Jase Oner says

"Horrible! I never gave them permission to report or give me a score."

John Mccormack says

"Awful company. You Won’t know about them until they take Money from You"

jimmy Ba says

"Experian (Credit Expert) FRAUD...they gave access to all my details to a fraudster using a bogus email address and quoting my credit card number. I found this out 3 days later when Experian wrote to me to say they were taking money from my card. Unfortunately the fraudster had used all their freely given information to empty my bank account. Experian then sent me details on Fraud Action. I suspected an Experian employee, insider action, had defrauded me but the police could not find enough detail. I received £100 compensation from Experian after the ombudsman got involved. Terrible company. The Government should regulate these companies and ensure Data Protection for the general public. I believe, thankfully, that Experian has improved their security as a result of frequent fraudulent activity !"

Judah Kessler says

"This week I had the misfortune of needing to contact the "3 Major" agencies: Experian, Equifax and Transunion, because something on their records prohibited me from opening a regular bank account. Come to find out, the source of my trouble was out-dated information on their records. Let me say that Equifax had amazing information history and through that, the gentleman there up-dated the information immediately, professionally, and courteously. And yes, in a most secure manner. In mere moments, all was done. Not so with Experian. (Nor with Trasnsunion, but that's a separate review.) At Experian, the "representative" barely spoke English, I felt I couldn't communicate sufficiently, and the general tone from the other end of the line was apathetic at best. Experian too has out-dated information and instead of having the capabilities (or the desire, so it sounded) to confirm my identify and rectify their records as expeditiously as Equifax, I was given a list of all sorts and variations of documentation that had to be sent to them. Worse, I was told it could take "approximately 5 business days" to up-date my records. Seriously, these people literally steal our information and then demand that WE prove to them, our identity and correct data. It is, in my opinion, a repulsive situation that any business actually gives them any credibility at all, especially considering the now-known fact that they can't (or won't) keep their files current. I've no patience for this nonsense and would rather continue my financial situation as it is rather than be subjected to the likes of the experience with Experian. I should think a direct apology to me is in order, and an immediate rectification of the situation with-out further delay, though I don't expect either."

James Brown says

"Have not been unable to login to for approx. 2 weeks due to a new system, I was advised that the login issues were caused by the implementation of a new system, I spent an hour on the phone with support and he advised to delete my existing Experian account (which he deleted) and setup a new account (which I did yesterday), I received an email this morning advising that my application for Experian was rejected and there is no number I can call to speak to someone before Monday. I have now signed up with checkmyfile, clearscore, and Noddle."

Steve Clement says

"What a total scam.. I signed up for £14.99 per month and eventually cancelled my subscription last December!! Since then the have continued to take 14.99.. Even when I cancel the direct debit it just starts up again!! After contacting customer complaints on numerous occasions and jumping through every hoop they put in my way , including, 'has a member of your family used your card to open an account' or have you opened two accounts all the way to supplying bank statements proving the debit transactions ...what do I receive ???Another poor excuse stating that they are still investigating!!!!!!' Investigating what !!' They confirmed my account was closed they have documented bank stamens that they have taken 14.99 .. There's nothing to investigate.. "We have upto 8 weeks" they said!! "To do what?? This has been going on since December last year" Take my advice.. Avoid avoid avoid.. If we held back money like this lot, they wouldn't give us 8 weeks to sort it out... No they'd just put a black mark on your credit file ... No Better than online muggers"

Andrew Bourn says

"As they say there is no such thing as a free lunch. These scam artists do not give you 30 days free trial!! They tie you in by charging your debit card, which is impossible stop. When you complain you are held on the phone forever and mysteriously they have lost your letter and details of your phone calls cancelling your contract. I even sent a letter recorded delivery and they still took more money from my bank account 2 weeks later. I am now £134.91 worse off and looked at my credit report once!!!! They refuse to refund the money stolen from my account. Judging by the reviews here they clearly do not care about their customers."

Andy Stephen says

"scam merchants!"

Mark dandridge says

"It’s an ok company I just don’t understand all that mumbo jumbo and the credit world is not for me it’s not user friendly"

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